The Z2300 Polaroid, is the instant digital camera back?


Well we all loved the old Polaroid pictures back in the day that were instant and just so different in size and practice then the regular pictures we had to wait and get back from the film developer. Something about the size and speed and peculiar white border that has made them a culture icon. Phone app Instagram and Photoshop plugins are around to give that nostalgic feeling to photos that we have missed since the instant Polaroid cameras and paper when off the commercial shelves in 2008.

Well with the new Polaroid Z2300 Polaroid has come out with a little camera that prints digital pictures in-camera to give you that same instant enjoyment and finger touching memory moment that we have been missing. It might be a bit gimmicky and to me just not quite as feel-good as the old ones but it might make a fun thing to have or give for that retro photog in your life.

ChipChick does a more detailed review here:

Polaroid has found a way to stick to its instant photography roots, even in the digital age. Previous iterations of Polaroid’s instant digital cameras have looked more like the classic Polaroid models, but the Polaroid Z2300 fits the idea into the form factor of a standard digital camera, slipping a thin printer into the camera’s body, with a slot on the side.

The Polaroid Z2300 features a 10 MP sensor and a 3” LCD screen for viewfinding and printing. Wi-Fi connectivity is included, for the purpose of sharing photos and videos on social networks. An SD card slot expands internal memory by as much as 32 GB. The main feature is the printer, which allows for that famed Polaroid instant photography. The printer creates full color 2 x 3 prints that are smudge-proof and water resistant. Read the rest of the article here>>

polariod z2300

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You might ask “is it a camera…is it a printer? Well is sure is not a Superman but it is a fun little extra way to enjoy your pictures. If the 2×3 inch pictures are too small for your liking you can always print them out on your home printer as they are relativity high 10 mp photos. If you have that nostalgia bug and really need  this Polaroid z2300 flashback item complete with 70′s rainbow stripes this is the item for you.

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