12 iPhone accessories to make better pictures


In the beginning there was an iPhone, then there was everyone trying to push it to i’s limits in software and power. After all if you are going to pay a kings ransom and be so loyal to a product to pay any price, camp out at new releases or get it shipped to you from a market that is getting it before you it should be able to do anything right? Just like everything it is better used with iPhone accessories.

Well maybe you just got one and it is your daily caller but also there when you want to blog, take a pic and record an audio or video blog of that cool place you are at. You will see that what comes out of the box is a great phone but you’d like to have a little more help with the other things and so not want to carry around another camera. There is hope for you with some of these iPhone accessories. There are a number of great third party products that help you extend your iPhone in picture, video and audio. While not pro they are useful tools to help you get the most of your phone for those needs.

K.T. Bradford has an amazing list of the best add-ons for your iPhone to get stability, lens power, mic quality, remote control and much more:

One of my mobile heroes, Lisa Brewster, is fond of saying: “The best camera is the one you have with you, especially when it’s connected to the Internet and infinitely adjustable via software.” Though she was likely referring to the Palm Pre, this bit of wisdom holds true no matter what mobile device serves as your Internet-connected, infinitely adjustable camera.

Right now the iPhone is the king of mobile phone photography, spawning the iPhoneography portmanteau. Apple made a lot of shutterbugs happy with the camera upgrades in the 4S — more pixels and a bigger sensor means an even better “best camera” to carry everywhere.

Want to take the iPhone even further than that? With some additional accessories and apps you can turn this device into a mobile photo and video studio.

Snag a more powerful lens, mounting cases or even a sweet mic and you can shoot photos and videos worthy of the pros. Whether you’re a serious mobile photographer looking for the very best kit or a hobbyist just looking for something simple to boost the quality of your everyday shots, you’ll find a great accessory in our roundup.

Gizmon iCA

Longing for the days of 35mm film and darkroom development? Show your old-school roots with theGizmon iCA iPhone case. This neat accessory isn’t just an aesthetic improvement on the iPhone, it also adds a shutter button, lens mount, strap hangers, and optical viewfinder. The big lens on the front is just for show, but does include a mirror that makes taking self portraits with the rear-facing camera much easier. Zoom and fisheye lenses that attach to the case are also available. | $65 @Four Corners Store


Improving the quality of your iPhone photos doesn’t require a complicated or expensive lens system. Often a simple tool proves itself more than powerful enough. The Olloclip 3-in-1 lens system proves the point. Slide it on the iPhone over the rear-facing lens and flip or twist to switch between the fisheye, wide-angle or macro lenses, all in one piece. Since the Olloclip is small it can work in conjunction with other accessories like the Glif+ and SteadyCam Smoothee. | $69 @ Olloclip.com


Tripod mounts for the iPhone tend to be bulky, but the Glif solves that problem easily with a lightweight attachment that’s sturdy and small enough to tuck away neatly when not in use. It also doubles as a stand  for easy tabletop shooting.The Glif+ package includes the Ligature, which adds stability, and the Serif, an attachment that screws into the tripod port so you can keep the Glif attached to a keychain or your iPhone attached to a strap. | $30 @ Studio Neat

See the rest of the other nine on that list to get some swag on your mobile media powerhouse iphone here>>

Here are some other iPhone accessories to help you get the most of your iPhone, taking pictures, video, or just have fun.

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